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Yazd Wire & Cable Company

Yazd Wire and Cable Company established in a land with an area of 86000 m2 in 1980. The company's manufacture was first limited to the wires

In 1982, the first production hall with an area of 6000 m2 was built and production continued with more diversity. After a while with the development approach to manufacturing activities, the second production hall with an area of 4800 m2 was built in 1997 to increase the speed, quality and variety of production. In 2008 the third production hall with an area of 1000 m2 was also built to produce lead sheathed cables

Production of medium voltage cables in 2003 was began with installation and starting of special manufacturing equipment including the production line of insulating and screening and armouring of medium and high voltage cables and finally constructing the high voltage laboratory with 350 KV and power of 6000 VA


With regard to the increasing demand for lead sheathed cables, this company planned to install and start the production lines of such cables. Therefore, with the purchase and installation of required machinery and equipment in 2008, the first lead sheathed cable was produced in 2009.

In 2010, regarding to specified objectives of increasing production volume, this company add the 8 wires production line to the available production lines & increase the production volume of I&C cables as much as 100 per cent.

According to the company’s long-term strategy based upon keeping pace with the growth of technology, providing all machinery and equipment by the best and most reputable manufacturers has been made.

In order to improve products quality level and customers satisfaction, Yazd Wire & Cable Company is proud of obtaining the following certifications:

: License of compulsory standard application

ISIRI 3569




Authority accreditation of Co-laboratory

Quality certificates of KEMA laboratory for MV cables

IMS integrated management system certification

(ISO 9001  (2008·

(ISO14001 (2004·

(ISO 100002 (2004·

(OHSAS 18001 (2007·

Production capacity of the company is 25000 tons per year, which some of them include the following products:

Different types of wires & cables for general use·

Control, instruments & telephone cables·

LV industrial cables with PVC,PE,XLPE & EPR insulation in armoured & shielded types·

Cables with particular applications such as sensor, LAN & fire resistant cables with ability of providing service under fire temperatures up to 1000 ۫ c

Low smoke & halogen free cables·

A variety medium voltage cables with copper or aluminum conductor & XLPE insulation with wire or tape armour.·

Waterproof cables using copolymer tapes·

Various lead sheathed cables·

LV & MV aerial bundled cables·

Yazd Wire & Cable Company has developed laboratory equipment to perform type, sample and routine tests on all products based on common industrial standards such as ISIRI, IEC, BSI & VDE

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