Armoured High Voltage Cables


  • High Voltage cables are used for bulk transmission of power over 30,000 volts from power plant sites to primary distribution networks or central grid. The cables can also be installed on the racks, direct buried or in conduits.
  • Armoured types would be able to bear external mechanical forces.

Technical Specification

In the voltage designation of U0/U(Um), The rated voltages of the cables considered in IEC standard are as follows: U0/U(Um)=26/45 to 47(52)KV - 36/60 to 69(72.5)KV - 64/110 to 115(123)KV - 76/132 to 138(145)KV - 87/150 to 161(170)KV.

U0 is the rated power frequency voltage between conductor and earth or metallic screen.
U is the rated power frequency voltage between conductors.
Um is the maximum value of the "highest system voltage" for which the equipment may be used.

Construction features:

-Conductor size : Up to 1600 mm2

- No. of cores : one

-Conductor material: Plain copper or aluminum

-Conductor type: Compacted Round stranded or round multi wire segmented conductor (Milliken construction)

-Conductor screen : Semi-conductive compound
-Insulation: Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)

-Insulation screen : Semi-conductive compound + semi-conductive and water blocking tape

-Metallic screen : Copper wires, Copper tape or combination of wires & tape

-Separation sheath: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene ( PE)
-Armour: Aluminum wire or tape armour

-Sheath: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or high density polyethylene ( HDPE)

Other features :

-Ultra violet (UV) resistant colored outer sheath

-Low smoke and fume (LSF)

-Halogen free and flame retardant (HFFR)

- Oil & hydrocarbon resistant

-Vermin proof


Standard : IEC60840




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