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Equipment of low voltage laboratory

Equipment of low voltage laboratory

:Main equipment inside the low voltage lab are as follows

Tensile device, model AL-2500

Micro ohm meter device, model DO5000

Digital scale, model HR-200

Hardness tester, model TH 200

Impact tester at low temperature

Punch, model GT-7016-AR

Bending tester at low temperature

Lux meter device, model LX-105

Pressure tester at high  temperature

Level meter device, model ANRITSU

LCR meter device, model 4912 PR

Profile projector, model CPJ-301 SZ


Microscope system, model MC6

15) Fire resistance test

Micro ohm meter device, model TYP2323

Voltage tester in a wet environment, model PGK 4.5 Ac

Halogen gas test

Mager system, model MI 3200

Cable smoke density measurement

Refrigerator, model frozen

Digital thermometer

Oven furnace, model EEDK 76

Rod thermometer

Digital Caliper, model MITUTOYO

Digital ohm meter, model Hiyoki

Digital micrometer, model MITUTOYO

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