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High voltage laboratory of Yazd Wire & Cable Company

Considering the limitations in power systems, requirement to higher voltage transmission networks may increasingly feel and basically a system with the ability to test high voltage equipment would be necessary

Therefore, it is important to produce and measure with high voltage, so this operation performs in high voltage laboratory. The high voltage laboratory is a place for generating high voltages and considering equipment behavior against it, in other words, this laboratory will be tried to provide the condition of exploitation and equipment operation and then analyze their behavior. It is natural that due to high voltage, the insulation materials and their behavior in high voltages is gaining importance and every day the new development is obtained in understanding the new insulation materials and improving the known insulation ones, so that one of the major researches about high voltage science is the electrical insulations and their properties

Yazd wire & Cable Company began its activity in the field of medium voltage cables production in 2003 with the efforts of a group of managers and experts and at the same year succeeded in producing the first series of medium voltage cables with XLPE insulation. However, need to high pressure laboratory to test produced cables was felt and basically the design and construction stages of this lab and also its installation and starting in collaboration with German TEDI company, counseling with technical faculty of Tehran university and electric & water industrial university at the beginning of the  2003 was began. With the ceaseless efforts of managers, experts and engineers of company, this lab began its serious activity in testing the produced cables in January 2003

The main point that must be considered is the importance and unique position of this lab compared to similar labs in country, so that this laboratory with nominal voltage level 350 KV and power of 6 MVA, has the highest voltage and power level among the same labs in the country. It is also a very good and ideal environment because of too much noise in a system called PD field, so that this noise in partial discharge measurement system is limited to 0/5 pc. This result is caused by the most important tests of dry insulated cables and partial discharge Measurement and also lower of PD field value or technically the laboratory environment cleaning provide the possibility of more accurate and sensitive measurement of actual discharge of the cable. The laboratory activity is based on the series resonance system. This system is a series circuit consisting inductor, lab reactor and capacitor

Equipment existing in high voltage laboratory

PD meter, model PRESCO, made in Switzerland

PD meter, model TETTEX, made in Switzerland

Oscilloscope, model LECROY, made in Switzerland

Measurement device of capacitance and tangent delta, model HEAFELY, made in Switzerland

Water deionization system, model HEAFELY, made in Switzerland

Swiss calibrator

Entrance electricity filter, made in Iran

Peeling machine, model HIPOTRONICS, made in U.S

Isolated transformer, model HIPOTRONICS, made in U.S

Voltage regulator, model HIPOTRONICS

Stimulation transformer, model HIPOTRONICS

High voltage reactor, model HIPOTRONICS, made in U.S

High voltage filters, model HIPOTRONICS, made in U.S

Voltage divider capacitor, model HIPOTRONICS, made in U.S

High voltage cable end-seal; model HIPOTRONICS, made in U.S

Thermometer, made in Iran


Tests enforceable in high voltage laboratory

Electrical durability test of power frequency to voltage 350 KV

Measurement test of partial discharge with high accuracy

Measurement test of capacitance and insulation dissipation index

Bending test of medium voltage cables

Measurement test of cable insulation dissipation index

:As soon as possible, with completion of lab equipment, two following tests shall be performed on medium voltage cables

Thermal cycle test that will be conducted by current injection transformer

Using generator the lighting impulse can also be done on these cables

Finally, it is our honor to notify that most of MV cables produced in this company are without incomplete discharging and they are PD free. A very small percentage of these cables have partial discharge more than 1 PC, while the amount of permissible discharge in current labs is 10 PC

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