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LV Aerial Bundled Conductors (LV-ABC) with galvanized steel messenger


LV-ABC is a novel concept for over-head power distribution. Compared to bare overhead conductor distribution system, ABC provide higher safety and reliability, self-supporting and suspended between supports, lower power losses and ultimate system economy by reducing installation, maintenance and operating costs. ABC distribution system is ideal for rural distribution, urban areas, hilly areas, forest and costal areas.

Technical Specification

In the voltage designation of U0/U(Um) , the rated voltages of the cables considered in BS and NFC standards are as follow: U0/U(Um)=0.6/1(1.2) KV.

U0 is the rated power frequency voltage between conductor and earth;
U is the rated power frequency voltage between conductors;
Um is the maximum value of the "highest system voltage" for which the equipment may be used.

Construction features:

- Size :

Phase : 16 to 150 sq.mm.

Neutral: 16 to 95 sq.mm.

Street lighting : 16 to 35 sq.mm. (If applicable.)

messenger : 16 to 25 sq.mm


-Conductor material : Aluminum

- messenger material : Galvanized steel


-Conductor type :  Circular compacted


-Insulation: Extruded XLPE or HDPE, black ( UV absorber ) , weather resistant.

-Design: The cable consists of one, two or three insulated phase conductors , one or two optional insulated street lighting conductors & one insulated neutral conductor stranded around the bare or insulated messenger.

- Core identification with longitudinal ridges

Standards : BS 7870 , NFC 33-209



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