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In-process control

Since producing high quality product requires the cooperation of all employees, Yazdwire & Cable Company attend to train all staff by providing a training unit, so it can say with utter frankness that each of operators oversees his product as a quality control inspector and with providing the calibrated measuring instrument such as caliper, micrometer and so on, to teach operator, can control and check the production process. In addition, inspectors and experts of quality control are awareness of doing work properly to can produce the ideal and high quality product according to update standards and requests of customers with their cooperation and collaboration, obviously, improving the quantity and quality level of production without using a comprehensive management tools, is not possible. Therefore, this company in spite of development plans puts on its agenda the implementation of management systems including ISO 9001-2008, ISO 19001-2004, ISO 10002-2004, and OHSAS 18001-2007. During the years 2009-2010, with advice from reputable companies succeeded to obtain the management systems and implementation of laboratory system IEC/ISO 17025 since 2009, in counseling with a reputable company in Iran, this company is obtaining IEC/ISO 17025 standard, so that the necessity of this standard makes up the lab to be known as an accredited laboratory and can satisfy the requirements of all customers and companies inside and outside Iran

Due to the high variety of products in wire & cable industries, e.g. special wires and cables (Halogen free, oil resistant, low smoke, …) data and coaxial cables, power cables, instrument cables and etc., this lab can test all listed parameters with the latest available standards ( international and national standards ) based on factories testing and meet customer's requirements.
:Standards related to wire and cable industries available in this lab are as follows
IEC standard
BS standard
ASTM standard
VDE standard
NFC standard
ISIRI standard
JIS standard

Experiments conducted in this lab are as follows:
Routine or current test: these tests should be performed on all produced samples and confirmation of any equipment depends to meet the needs of such experiments.
Type test: these tests carry out on products with specified standard conditions and as random sample, and there is no need to repeat these tests till production cycle or restored ingredients do not change. Meanwhile some of them are destructive.
Specified or sample test: these tests are of particular circumstance in which some of them are mandatory and some are done with mutual agreement of the purchaser and the manufacturer.
And other tests have done:
Measuring capacitance and inductance of instrument cables
Measuring of cross-talk attenuation of telephone cables
Gel content test (xylene) to measure the crosslink percentage of XLPE insulation.
Irregularity test (silicone oil) to detect gross, bumps of XPLE insulation , conductor and insulation screen
Smoke test of PVC and Halogen Free cables
Hardness test
Fire resistance test
Halogen gas test
Flame retardant test


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