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The scope of activities in product quality control aligned with production lines and perhaps more than it, since controlt from the earliest stage of the purchasing raw materials to the final stage of delivering product to the customer, is necessary

Control process is divided into three general headings

1-Control of raw materials and their specifications conformity with the company requirements

2-Control of manufacturing process and conformity with standards

3-Final product testing and providing test sheet

This control process with all of the related details performs by inspectors of the quality control department with subsets of low and high voltage laboratories and calibration unit.

Regarding to the critical and important role of wire and cable in power systems and so on, the quality & compulsory standards is important in wire & cable industry. However low voltage laboratory with starting the production line, put in working order, then equipped and began his work. Laboratory of Yazd wire & Cable Company received the license of compulsory standard application from the office of Yazd standard & industrial research in 1984 and during the past several years it has been able to extend it.

This laboratory has the experienced and qualified manager and experts, therefore in 2009, in global day of quality and standard, manager of quality control of this company is known as a best quality control manager in electrical industry of province. With the efforts of respectable managing director, the company could have bought the best

and most modern equipment that for improving the quality of performed tests, are effective.

Now, with regards to modern laboratory equipment and its experienced personnel, during the visit of experts of Iran standard and industrial researches office along with experts of the office of Yazd standards and industrial research from the laboratory of Yazd wire & cable company, this laboratory was able to done the power and welding wire and cable tests according to the

national standard of Iran as a province co-laboratory in 2006 and the results reported to the office of standards. It is also approved in 2007 as a national co-laboratory by the standard and industrial researches office of Iran

Perhaps, it can be say daring, the most important and sensitive unit of quality control is calibration part and since the direct and indirect measuring methods of production machines and laboratory tests devices that have a large share in the qualified and conforming with the global standards, can calibrate by reputable local companies with calibration certification of the

competent authorities and the measurement equipment confirmation is a label that issued by the calibrating company and installed on the related equipment, its certification is also issued and maintained in equipment record



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