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Individual & Overall Screen Instrument Cables Without Armour


RE-Y(st)Y PIMF, RE-2Y(st)Y PIMF, RE-2X(st)Y PIMF , RE-Y(st)Yv PIMF, RE-2Y(st)Yv PIMF, RE-2X(st)Yv PIMF

  • Instrumentation cables are used in data processing and process control and are suitable for installations in open spaces and for underground laying. For analogue signals between junction boxes and electrical room/control building , individual and overall screened type may be applied.
  • The overall screening of the pairs/cores protect it against outer electrostatic interference fields.
  • The individual screening of the pairs guarantee high cross-talk attenuation.

Technical Specification

In the voltage designation of U0/U(Um) , the rated voltages of the cables considered in this standard are as follows: U0/U(Um)=300/500(600) V a.c.

U0 is the rated power frequency voltage between conductor and earth or metallic covering.
U is the rated power frequency voltage between conductors.
Um is the maximum value of the "highest system voltage" for which the equipment may be used.

Construction features:

- Size : Up to 2.5 sq.mm

- No. of cores/Pairs : Up to 61 cores and up to 50 pairs

-Conductor material : Plain or tinned copper 

-Conductor type : Solid (Class1)/Stranded(class2)/Fine stranded (Class 5) - Round

-Insulation: Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) , polyethylene (PE) or Polyvinyl chloride ( PVC)

-Pair screens: Laminated screening tape comprise of aluminum bonded to polyester plus one or more tinned annealed copper wires applied over each pair.

-Collective screen : Laminated screening tape comprise of aluminum bonded to polyester plus one or more tinned annealed copper wires applied over the screened pairs or laid up cores.

-Sheath: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or Polyethylene (PE)

Other features :

-Ultra violet (UV) resistant colored outer sheath

-Low smoke and fume (LSF)

-Halogen free and flame retardant (HFFR)

- Oil & hydrocarbon resistant

-Fire resistant

-Vermin proof

Standards : PAS 5308 , BS 5308

Note : Insulated communication wire and/or pair jacket can be applied on request.








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